Friday, March 11, 2011

Let the alarm sound.

Well today was eventful to say the least. I woke up to the sound of my house alarm blaring, my phone ringing (with the alarm company on the line), and my daughter screaming it was an akkcideentttt mommy!!! LOL What happened was Katie got out of bed this morning and decided instead of looking in my bedroom for me she was going to search every room in the house, including the garage for me. When she opened the garage door she set the alarm off. Surprisingly I didn't wake up to my alarm going off, I woke up because my daughter was screaming in my ear and my phone was loudly ringing in my other ear. Needless to say it was a very fun morning. I got everything taken care of with the alarm company and luckily they didn't dispatch the police. I can only imagine how I would have reacted if I woke up to police officers kicking in my front door or standing at my front door asking me a million questions. That would not have been the highlight of my day. My day, however, did not get any better. Mike, Katie and I packed up to go to Sonic for lunch. Which was fine but when we pressed the button to order it took like 5 minutes for anyone to answer the call and so Mike proceeded to order. It took this girl like 10 times to repeat everything back and say we ordered stuff we didn't and forget stuff that we did order. So we paid and waited for our food. Our food finally got there after about 30 minutes of waiting and Well to say the least IT WAS WRONG!!!!! Mike hates mustard, in fact he despises it. Well his burger and my burger both had the most massive amount of mustard on it to make any normal person sick to there stomach. I mean, yeah I ordered mustard but come on seriously. There is no need for a full 2 tablespoons worth of mustard on one burger. So he sent his back and got one with mayo only. This is when we noticed that Not only did they mess up Mike's order but Katie's wacky pak was drinkless and toyless. We ended up getting a coin or chip thing saying we get a free drink at our next visit. BIG WHOOP!!!! Katie still never got her toy or her drink... So I shared mine with her. Needless to say it was a very very very bad trip to Sonic. I am not even sure that I will go back and redeem our free drink. Anywho that has been my day so far. It has been very exhausting.

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